Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Abundance Feast

Every time we visit Montreal, we can't help but stop over at the Marche Jean Talon to eat, shop and just walk around to see all of these abundance which is a feast in the eyes. Enjoy these celebration of food. 

Where to Eat

Soft taco with pulled pork and red onions.
Got to try these gluten free crepes. 
Apple crepe with chocolate and caramel sauce.
Turkish desserts at Patisseries Orientales.
Portugese Natas.

To learn more about the Marche, view my previous post Say Fromage At Marche Jean Talon.

Bon Weekend!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Food Adventure At Quebec City

 Travelling in Quebec City is truly a gastronomic adventure especially for French food and traditional Quebecois cuisine. I discovered quite ironically that in trying out traditional Quebecois cuisine, which was strongly influenced by French cuisine, that I have finally eaten my truly Canadian meal right here in the heart of Quebec nationalism. Where did I experience this epiphany? Right here at the Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens which prides itself in serving an old fashioned Quebec cuisine since 1966 in this historic Maison Jacquet,  built in 1675-1676. The restaurant was named after a famous novel, Les Anciens Canadiens, written by Philippe Aubert de Gaspe, who lived in this house. The Menu is mostly Quebec cuisine featuring wild meats such as Bison, Caribou, Elk, Beef, Duck, Chicken and Veal. There are seafood and vegetable meals offered in the menu too. Those wild meats including their speciality dessert, maple syrup pie are  traditional Quebec cuisine and also truly delicious Canadian meal.
 For Sunday Lunch, we chose the Special Menu offered here for a very good price of $19.95 Cdn which included a glass of wine, beer or drink of your choice,appetizer, main entree and dessert.
 The interior is typical of ancient french houses in Upper Quebec City. It has low ceilings and mostly made of wood. There are many wood carved Art on the walls from local Quebec artists. 
 For Appetizer, I chose the wild bison and caribou rillettes with toasted bread and apricot jam. To eat it, spread the rillettes on the bread and top it with apricot jam. So yummy!
 My main entree, I tried the Lac St Jean meat pie made with wild meats of Bison, caribou and elk with potato.  I liked it that the table setting was in blue and white and the food were served in their blue and white China.
I cannot leave Quebec City without trying their traditional poutine which is made of french fries with Quebec cheese curd and topped with gravy. This is super delicious.
 Other members of my family ordered the Bison Burger. 
 Bison cooked bourguignon style with creamy blueberry wine sauce. 

For dessert, a traditional Canadian maple syrup pie with unsweetened whipped cream. This is one of my favourite desserts. Here in Toronto, they make this as Butter tarts. One can only try this here in Canada. 
I will be continuing my french adventure this week to Paris, France. I am excited! 

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!
Bon Weekend!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shopping At Simons

 We could not leave Quebec City without shopping at Simons, the historical and stylish Department Store only found in Quebec. The Store was actually founded in 1840  by the Scottish Simons family  that settled here in Quebec City. This Store in Quebec City is the original store since 1870. As their marketing logo goes, 174 Years Of Superior Fashion,Great Value and Exceptional Shopping Experience. Simons remains true to their logo as shopping there offers some truly high quality, unique and stylish Fashion that can only be available in Quebec. The Store have not expanded to the rest of Canada yet so their style and the products that they offer remains influenced in Quebec. Simons remains my favourite store here in Quebec as for sure when I wear one of their fashion, I know that it is one of a kind. 
The whole street at Côte de la Fabrique is lined with shops and is near the Basilica de Notre Dame. 
Simons style is mostly influenced by the French style. Now the Store is going back to its roots by promoting British style in their British Beat campaign. When in Quebec, drop by Simons for a truly Quebecois shopping experience. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Weekend In Quebec City

Bienvenue a Quebec City! Here is a place that looks and feels like you are in Europe yet we are still in Canada. Quebec City is the capital of the Province of Quebec here in Canada and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another popular City here in Quebec is Montreal but Quebec City is their seat of Provincial Government. The City is very french and historical with over 400 years of history. It is a fortified City located along the St. Lawrence River with an upper and lower sections connected by a Funicular. The port here is major stop among major Cruise Ships. One of the famous landmarks here is the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Frontenac located in the Upper Old Quebec This Hotel stands tall overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Quebec City is a walking City. In any season, it is perfect to walk around discovering the shops, the cafes and there is an alley displaying the works of art of local Quebecois artists. Come along here to discover more about the charm of Quebec City.

Luxurious and historical Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

Alley of local artists selling their works of Art.

Quebec City is the capital of New France here in North America. 
We visited the Notre Dame De Quebec which is celebrating their 350th Jubilee. The Roman Catholic Church is the oldest in North America. Part of their Jubilee celebration is the opening of the Holy Door which is the only one in North America. There are six Holy Doors in the World - in Vatican City, 2 in Rome, in Ayr, France, Santiago de Compostela in Spain and here in Quebec City. Every Christian must Pass through the Holy Door to obtain forgiveness and graces. The Holy Door only opens every decade. So it is quite a blessing for us to pass through the Holy Door. 
After passing through the Holy Door, we entered the Chapel of the Sacred Heart which also have the relics of the saints and blessed of Canada. 

The Main Basilica.

View of the Lower Old Quebec and St. Lawrence River.

Bon Weekend!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Style Setters: Editors In Military Green Chic

As much as I try to avoid posting about Street Style during Fashion Week, I have to admit that I truly enjoy watching them at and I actually view them more than the actual Collections except from some favourite Designers. One of the people that I truly admire on Street Style are the Magazine Editors especially Emmanuelle Alt, Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue, her fellow Editors from Paris Vogue and Sarah Harris, one of the Editors at British Vogue. One of the things they all have in common is that they dress simply but so chic. It must be their confidence and nonchalant attitude towards fashion where they do not have to stand out and compete with everyone. They are definitely trendsetters. As you can see here, they are wearing military green outfits so well  paired in khaki, denim, black pants or head to toe military green. This is making me want to purchase one now if I can find some. Military Green will be perfect for this Fall. 
I love Emmanuelle Alt's outfit here from her shoes, military green jacket, and the Saint Laurent Fringe Bucket Bag. I am not a fan of the Fringe bag trend but this Saint Laurent Fringe Bucket Bag on Emmanuelle makes me want to buy one now.  

 Sarah Harris, Editor at British Vogue and Editor at Paris Vogue both wore the same Military Green coat in their own way. 

Photo Credits: Tommy Ton at and Phil Oh at