Toronto Winter Nights

 It was one of those lovely winter nights in Toronto where the weather was not too freezing but there is still the feeling of the winter chill. Even in Winter, Torontonians still go out to enjoy the city. Besides, ice skating at night by the City Hall, the Toronto Winterlicious is still ongoing till 11 February, then the NBA All Star Basketball event will start this 12-14 February. This is the first time that the NBA All Star weekend will be held outside the United States. For all those who enjoy watching the NBA Basketball games, this will be a fun night to watch all of the basketball stars from Kobe Bryan, Lebron James and including Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry among the line-up. This coming weekend  #WeTheNorth, will showcase what we do to have fun during the winter in our city.  

Toronto Winterlicious 2016

 I have to admit that this year, we do not have any Winter at all. The temperatures here in Toronto have been dipping wildly from the negatives to the positive since December. We should be thankful that we haven't really had any major snow storms like the blizzards in the Northern East Coast USA a few weekends ago. Luckily last weekend was especially warm and it coincided with the start of Toronto Winterlicious where Toronto's top 200 restaurants participate to offer a prix fixe three or four course lunch and dinner for an affordable price between $28 Cdn to $45 Cdn, excluding beverage. The food festival runs from 29 January to 11 February. It's really a good deal especially when you would like to try out a new restaurant or a different cuisine. 
Last weekend, we visited Toronto's Ultra Luxury Hotel, The Hazelton Hotel at Bloor-Yorkville area to try famous Canadian chef, Mark McEwan's, One Restaurant. We had their Brunch three course prix fixe menu which had a wide selection for each course and some special drinks. The interior of the hotel are so modern luxurious and according to my brother, the crowd is so posh. I saw some fashionable ladies carrying their Celine bags, there were some Chanel too and I carried my Dior bag. 
For drinks, I had the Princess Peach drink, chicken tacos for 1st course, then the salmon eggs Benedict  and for dessert, the coconut sorbet with passion, mango and kiwi fruits salad. The chicken tacos were delicious especially with the secret sauce on it. The eggs Benedict was just perfect and the dessert was refreshing. 
The rest of our group tried the waffles with fried chicken which was a delicious combination. 
Our dessert choices were dark chocolate mousse and coconut sorbet with passion, mango and kiwi fruits. We all had our own cappuccino with the most delicious chocolate biscotti I have ever tasted. 
On the 8 February will be the Chinese New Year, celebrating the New Year of the Fire Monkey. 
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Gong Hei Fat Choi!

52 Places To Go in 2016

 The New York Times has recently published their list of 52 Places To Go in 2016. I am proud to say that my hometown, Toronto is #7 on the list. It's cultural diversity in cultural events, sports, food and shopping were celebrated on the list including the recent urban developments on Queen Quay, by Lake Ontario and the Junction. Toronto is also host every year to the Toronto International Film Festival and various street festivals even during the winter season and summer which I have featured every year on this Blog. Then this coming February, will be the  NBA All Star event here in Toronto, the first outside the USA. All of the NBA Basketball stars including Kobe Bryant and Lebron James will be coming to town for this wonderful, sporty and festive event. Have you decided your travel plans for this year? Check out the New York Times list above for some travel inspirations. 
Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel in Bloor-Yorkville is one of Trip Advisor's 25 Top Canada Hotels.

A Revolving Sushi Bar At Funé

 One of the reasons to visit Toronto is its diversity in food. We have many restaurants around the City offering authentic cuisines from around the World. One of my favourites is visiting Funé Japanese Restaurant which has its own revolving sushi bar! Yes, a revolving sushi bar where the freshly made sushi are placed on wooden boats and floated around waiting for them to be plucked out to be savoured. We had to pick the dishes as fast as we can so as not to miss our favourites. As you can see here, the sushi were so fresh and tasted so good. I chose mostly my favourites from salmon and ebi shrimp sashimi, all kinds of maki and seaweed salad.  Then for dessert, nothing is more heaven and delectable than the Japanese cheesecake with berries and whipped cream paired with hot coffee. Funé is a hidden gem when visiting downtown Toronto. 

Turner Set Free At The AGO

 It enriches the soul to discover new artists and to try a different cuisine. One of the artist that has a current exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario is British romantic painter, Joseph Mallord Turner, J.M.W. Turner Painting Set Free. The exhibition currently runs till 31 January 2016 and features all of his paintings  and drawings on loan from the Tate Britain in London. He was known to be one of the radical and influential artist of the 19th Century because he developed his own technique in painting even before the Impressionist painters started. He was a well known watercolourists which influenced his technique as an oil painter. He was known to paint the sea, landscapes, mountains and the nature all around him. He even tied himself on a ship in order to experience the storm at sea and observed how the waves behaved so that he can paint them authentically. J M W Turner was truly an eccentric and original British painter worth to discover. 
The AGO built by well known Canadian Architect, Frank Gehry. 
Then after the exhibit, we ventured to the Entertainment District in Toronto on Queen St West and tried Indian food at Little India Restaurant. It was a delicious and spicy Indian buffet with freshly made roti, butter chicken, chick peas with curry and tandoori chicken which are among my favourites. Above is the dessert buffet section with authentic and delicious Indian desserts. 

2 Best Places For Dining and Entertainment In Orlando, Florida

 Visiting the Orlando, Florida is not all Disney parks and Universal Studios. Both of these major attractions have developed the 2 best places to hang out for Dining, Entertainment and Shopping. These two places in itself are worth the visit for a day or a night with lots of walking around. They are both so huge that you should expect to walk long distances. Expect to be entertained, to spend some money and also to be fed. We always have fun discovering these places. I can come here day or night. These 2 places never fails to entertain.  
Disney never stops creating and developing. The newly named and re-designed Disney Springs is larger and more entertaining as ever. Whether you visit at day or night, there are lots of entertainment, dining and shopping around here. 
1. We had dinner at Fulton's Crab House for delicious American seafood dishes. We dined in an actual River boat docked right there by the lake. As you can see from the photo above, there was also free musical entertainment outside. 
2. For lunch, we tried T-Rex for some Guac-Asaurus Burger made with layers of guacamole, fried onion ring, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and waffle fries. This burger was huge. Prepare to be scared and entertained by the dinosaurs display all around. There is even a 15 minute meteor show with all of the dinosaurs in the restaurants going crazy and making sounds. This place is quite loud and entertaining. 
3. At night, the Starbucks here is the only Starbucks I know with a live band playing outside. 
4. This is also the place for the famous Planet Hollywood.
5. There is the ever busy Rainforest Cafe. Prepare to wait for 2 hours for a table during the high season. 
The best place to shop here for everything Disney is no other than the World of Disney store. It is a huge store full of magical and beautiful Disney merchandise. There is also the Lego Store where children and adults alike can play lego in the store. 

2. Universal City Walk
Is known as the hottest nightlife in town. It has a variety of dining, entertainment and many shops all around right before the entrance to the two main parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Every night, there is a live DJ here playing dance music where everyone is free to watch and dance all night long. 
Every time we are here, we always have dinner at Emeril's for some American southern food. There is also Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville for the best hamburgers and margaritas. Then there is the iconic, Hard Rock Cafe just for the experience of being there. 

When in Orlando, Florida, just have fun and enjoy every moment of it! 

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