Healthy Choices From St Jacobs Farmers Market

 A Saturday morning visit to the St Jacobs Farmers Market located at St Jacobs County in Waterloo, Ontario never disappoints as there is always a huge variety of healthy choices. There are a variety of fruits, vegetables and even meats and poultry products all grown organically from the Mennonite Farms in the surrounding area of the market. There are also free tasting from each merchants offering their products to try before you purchase them. Every Saturday morning, the market is full of visitors including their dogs. Visitors can eat their breakfast and lunch here as there are a variety of places offering their own specialities from Canadian Pizza, wraps, sausage on a bun even fried fish on a bun, and the famous apple fritters which always have a long line up. It's a good thing that the Mennonite farming community here were able to rebuilt after a devastating fire last year which destroyed this market place. Now they have rebuilt and expanded with new buildings to showcase and sell their amazing and delicious produce in their farmers market. 
 These grapes are amazing as they are seedless and so sweet.

 I always buy these freshly home made pasta. They are made from natural ingredients like eggs, wheat, kale, green peas, tomato, carrots, beet, parsley among others.  
 There is free tasting everywhere including these sausages, salamis and hams all organically grown in these Mennonites Farms around the area. 
 This is the Canadian Pizza made with pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage and ham freshly baked right at the market. 
 The pies here at Stone Crock Restaurant and Bakery are to die for from the chocolate pie, Pecan pie, apple pie, coconut cream pie and fresh cherry pies. My favourite is their pecan pie which is the best as it is made with maple syrup. 
We met the irresistible Samson, the bulldog. He was so friendly and enjoyed visiting the market.

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans!

Proudly Canadian: Royal Bank Of Canada Garden

 Today we are celebrating Canada Day across the nation. To celebrate Canada Day on the blog, here is one of the award winning gardens presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in London last May through the Royal Bank of Canada Garden. This garden was designed by British garden designer, Matthew Wilson who is the managing director and principal designer at Clifton Nurseries. This garden was designed by Matthew to also show RBC's Blue Water Project which is a 10 year global programme for water conservation and cleaning. The garden was designed to be easy to live with and demonstrated that home gardens can be sustainable and easily managed. The flowers and plants in this garden were so pretty and well blended together including the gigantic bonsai plant in the middle which turned out to be 150 years old! The RBC Garden was one of my favourite gardens during the Chelsea Flower Show. I heard some really positive reactions from the spectators around me and we even hoped that it will win the People's Choice Award. Unfortunately, the People's Choice Award was won by Prince Harry's Sentebale - Hope In Vulnerability Garden. This RBC Garden was awarded the Gold Gilt (Medal) during the show. This garden has been a truly proudly Canadian garden during the Chelsea Flower Show as it not only represented the goals of the RBC Blue Water Project but has also shown Canada's active participation in preserving nature and in our national trait of always helping others. 
  The garden was divided into three sections: a zero irrigation dry garden, a central water and harvesting and storage zone and an edible garden. 
After the Chelsea Flower Show, the Royal Bank of Canada Garden will be relocated to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight, with the help of  UK charity Greenfingers. 

Happy Canada Day!

2 Best Shopping Places In London

 There are two shopping places in London that are lined with the best shops in the World. No, they are not Department stores, although Harrods is located in one these areas. The two best shopping places in London for me, besides the crowded Oxford Street, are Brompton Road in Knighsbridge and Sloane Street in Chelsea. Both streets intersect with each other in the Knightsbridge Tube Station which makes it easier to walk around to explore. Both streets are lined with luxury designers and high street shops from Mulberry to H&M. There are also local British designers shops and also an array of International fashion shops along the way. When you explore these areas, you will discover more shopping choices according to your own budget with less crowds. Shopping in both Brompton Road and Sloane Street are truly entertaining with their magnificent window displays and caters to all shoppers looking for luxury brands to high street brands. Come, let's go shopping now!
 On Brompton Road, British brands like  Mulberry and  Reiss (the Duchess of Cambridge's favourite high street brand) have their boutiques here. 
 The Italian Brand Coccinelle has a boutique on Brompton Road.
 Here are stylish bags and shoes from Coccinelle.
Stylish espadrilles from Italian brand Pinko at their store in Brompton Road.
 Sloane Street is famous for Premier shopping with numerous luxury fashion designers establishing their stores on this street. 
 British handbag designer, Anya Hindmarch has a large store right on Sloane Street.
 Jo Malone Fragrances store can be found in Sloane Street too. This is one of the best places to purchase perfumes in London. It will be a memorable and fragrant souvenir from London. 
 Lastly, one of the luxury designers that opened their store on Sloane Street is Tom Ford. His golden collection here is truly luxurious and so chic!
Tom Ford's bags and shoes here are well designed and made in the highest quality. 

Lola's Cupcakes For My Birthday

 It's my birthday today! I normally don't make such public declarations but today's publishing day for my blog coincided with my actual birthday. When I was in London, I saw these festive, beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes from Lola's Cupcakes at the popular Selfridges Department Store right on Oxford Street in London. Even when I was full from eating my lunch there, I could not resist trying these delightful cupcakes which comes in different flavours from Strawberry and cream to Oreo cupcakes. These cupcakes are so light and not too sweet. Lola's cupcakes is a British company started by two friends, Victoria Jossel and Romy Lewis who loved to bake at their parents' Primrose Hill house. From a small business where they started taking orders from their homes, their cupcake business grew to Lola's Cupcakes which now has several branches across London. Just by looking at these cupcakes makes the heart smile and fill with so much delight! Try them too and it will make your stomach happy too! 

The View From The Shard

 I never knew that when I arrived in the London Bridge Tube Station that there are many sights to see around the area. From the Borough Market, the London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral and lastly, The Shard, are just around the corner. The Shard is currently the tallest building in the European Union. It was designed by the famous architect, Renzo Piano and completed in 2009. The building is now majority owned by the State of Qatar. The Shangri-la Hotel is located in the building too.  Best of all,  visitors can go all the way up to the 68th to the 72th floors to be in  the Viewing Gallery, London's highest viewing plateau. Here are the magnificently breathtaking views of London from The Shard. The building itself is so grand! It was truly fun and so worth it to discover this part of London. 
 The Shard built by Renzo Piano.
Views of  Tower Bridge and Tower of London. 
Up close, Tower of London. 
 View of the Thames River. 
 View of London Bridge and the walkie talkie Building. 
 View of Thames River and St Paul's Cathedral.
 View of Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral and the London Bridge Tube Station.
 Can you spot Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace?
I'm in the Viewing Gallery.
 Back down, you can walk south towards the Thames River to view the  magnificent re-development with glass towers and restaurants all around. 
I remember my late father, who instilled in our family the love of travel and love of food! 

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Eat To Be Healthy At Daylesford Organic

 One of my favourite restaurants to visit in London is Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Café as this is one of the best places  to visit for organic farm to table eating and shopping. Daylesford make their own cheeses, breads, pastries and even their vegetables and meat are grown organically from their farm at Gloucestershire. Daylesford even make their own Rosé wine from their vineyard in Provence, France.  I enjoy eating here as everything they serve are grown organically and they use the high quality ingredients to  promote eating healthy.  Besides their cafe, there is also fantastic shopping here for the freshest food products, kitchen wares and organic body lotions and soaps. Even their Pimlico Road location looked festive during the Chelsea Flower Show. 
I had their Classic Hamburger with their award winning Cheddar cheese, red onions, heritage tomato and gherkins. Their ice creams are made from their organic milk, chocolate and vanilla. I had their pear and elderflower juice which is so delicious that I wanted to drink more. 

View here my previous post about my first visit to Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Cafe.

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