Saturday, 30 August 2014

All Aboard On The Hogwarts Express

 Come on and let us hop aboard the Hogwarts Express at the Universal Studios, Orlando. This is a train ride on the famous Hogwarts Express that will take us from Hogsmeade, at Universal's Island of Adventure to all the way to London's King Cross Station at the Universal Studios Park. This train ride is quite surreal as it takes you through the English countryside so authentic with the view of Hogwarts Castle, flying brooms and mythical half animal and half human creatures showing up along the way. Let us climb aboard this magical ride on the Hogwarts Express to discover more about the magical world of Harry Potter. We are hoping to  encounter Harry, Ron and Hermione on this magical train ride soon.
 Climb aboard! Even the Train Station staff are wearing such authentic and fashionable uniforms.
 Guess whose traveling caravan these belong to? Who is HP? There is Hedwig. 
Here we are in the train, traveling along with the view of Hogwarts Castle. 
Who is that? One of the Weasley brothers? 
 OK, let us go to Hogwarts this time. 
Inside the majestic Hogwarts Castle we saw the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
There is also a fun and fantastic ride inside that will take you flying up around Hogwarts. 
 Our welcoming committee.
 It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.
- Dumbledore

Snow capped roofs.
 If you are wondering what the ButterBeer sign is on the above photo, it is a wizarding beverage served cold with a frothy top. It taste like butterscotch as it is made with butter, sugar and water with a slight alcoholic content. It really taste good. It is a popular drink here at Hogswarts. Then after all the wizarding around town, we had lunch at the Three Broomsticks to taste some of Harry's favourite meals.

Enjoy the Labour Day long weekend!
We all work hard enough that we deserve to have some relaxation and also some fun.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Enjoying The Dippin' Dots

Ice cream is one of my favourite indulgence during Summer. My favourite flavour is Cookies N' Cream. At  Universal Studios Orlando, in Florida, I discovered this brand of Ice Cream called Dippin Dots. It is not hard to miss the caravan because there is always a line up to get some of this ice cream at Universal. To quench our feeling hot from the summer heat, we decided to give it a try. These are little beads of ice-cream developed by Dippin Dots founder, Curt Jones. The little beads actually melt in your mouth and it is very tasteful. 

Jones, a microbiologist, pioneered the process of cryogenic encapsulation...a scientific way of saying he used super-cold freezing methods to make little beads of ice cream. Not only were the ice cream beads delicious and fun to eat, Jones knew that flash-freezing the ice cream ingredients would lock in flavor and freshness. With those qualities established, Dippin' Dots were ready to take on the world!

These ice cream come in many flavours like Cookies N Cream with Oreo and Banana Split which we tried on the above photo. Other flavours were Bubble Gum, Rocky Road, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy among a variety of flavours. As summer is waning down, go and have your favourite ice-cream soon!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Exploring The World of Diagon Alley

 I do not mean to scare you on this post by welcoming you into Diagon Alley with this Dragon ready to charge you out of town. This Dragon is right on top of Gringotts Bank at the newly opened Diagon Alley in the Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. This is one half of the newly opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studios. Every little details on the windows, doors, door knobs, the store signs, lamp posts are so authenthic to the world of Harry Potter. It was like entering his World full of wizardry and weird stuff. Overall, I loved it! It can scare a young child but let them explore slowly like we did with wonder and amazement. Then suddenly, you will understand and be part of the World of Harry Potter. But watch out! You will never know who you will encounter next! 
 This Dragon will show off his heat with fire!
 The Banker of the Gringotts Bank.
 All in gold. There are vaults inside which you will have to explore through the most thrilling ride that you will have to line up for 150 minutes of your life. The best ride ever in the World! 
 Look who is watching you?
 There are medusa fountain and witches around.
 There was a line up to buy your magic wand. 
Here are the wood selections for your magic wand.
As the saying goes, it is not you who choose the wand, the wand will choose you.

This store is the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes inspired by the Weasley's Twins.
Would you like to try this?
The Knight Bus was the purple triple-decker bus that was the emergency transport of the wizards especially Harry.
Looks like we were in London. Watch out next week for our adventure on the Hogswarts Express. Boarding Soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Celebration at Emeril's

 During our visit to Universal Studios Orlando last month, we decided to celebrate my Mother's birthday at Emeril's Restaurant right at Universal's City Walk. Emeril's is the restaurant of famous Food Network Chef Emeril Lagasse. He is also famous for always saying "kick it up a notch" and saying "Bam" whenever he cooked on TV. Emeril's speciality is Southern Creole cooking which is a perfect match here in Florida. The City Walk at Universal Studios is a place full of restaurants and shops. It comes alive most especially at night. Right beside Emeril's is Margaritaville and the famous Hard Rock Cafe. When you visit the Universal Studios Orlando, stop by and experience the pulsating night life in this place. It is a one stop place for fun!
 For appetizer, we all had the Chef's Daily Gumbo, a soup based with rice and scallians. 
Then our main entree was Emeril's famous Apple Cider Glazed Pork Ham chops with southern greens and mascarpone grits. 
 The service at Emeril's was impecable. The waiters were well dressed in white crisp shirts, black pants and green apron. They operated in military precision, friendly and nothing so stiff in this place. It was a delicious evening with authentic Southern cooking!
 For dessert, the Birthday celebrant had cappuccino and White chocolate cherry bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, chambord sauce and chantilly cream. 
After all that eating, time to walk around and check out the pulsating night life around City Walk. 
We had a delicious and fun evening at Universal Studios.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dinner At Cinderella's Royal Table

During our visit to DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom Park a few weeks ago, we attended a Royal Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table which is right inside Cinderella's Castle. When we arrived inside the Castle, we were greeted with a royal greeting from Cinderella herself with matching photo session with her Royal Highness. Of course, my niece and nephew were beyond glee and was so excited to meet her. My nephew even declared to us that he is now in love with Cinderella and would like to live with her in the Castle. After the photo session with Cinderella, were whisked up to her Royal Dining Hall surrounded by stained glass windows and different flags up in the ceiling. Everybody was excited with the dinner and meeting the other Disney Princesses. My niece was given a magic wand, a sword for my nephew and everybody received our own Wishing star. I would say that this whole Royal Dinner experience was already a wish come true!
Inside the Royal Dining Hall.
The Royal Menu with the gift of a Wishing Star. 
The dinner included a three course meal and drinks.
Kids Dessert at Cinderella's Royal Table.
Dessert at Cinderella's Royal Table.
We met them all. Who is the fairest of the all? 
Cinderella (middle), Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine or Princess Aurora?
Cinderella's Castle at night.

May you have a magical Weekend!